New Hair, New Pants

For most of my adult life, I would go months and months with nary a salon blow dry, much less any kind of haircut or treatment. But this season has been very kind to me hair wise -- barely a week after getting a gloss, I was treated to a haircut with Hollywood stylist Mark Townsend, who regularly attends to the manes of many of my red carpet crushes including Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Diane Kruger, and Cate Blanchet. (Here he is working on Ashley Olsen.) Mark is also the brand ambassador for Dove Haircare, which invited me and a few other bloggers and editors into Sally Hershberger Downtown try out their line of hair products.


I had only planned on getting a blowout but when I sat down in his chair, Mark asked me if I wanted to "get a trim or anything." Seeing that I hadn't gotten a cut in the aforementioned "months and months," I of course jumped at the opportunity. What started off as a "little trim" soon took on a life of its own as I kept asking Mark if he could just "cut it a little shorter." It didn't take very long before my boring long hair transformed into a Tommy Hifiger FW12 Campaign inspired new do.



I used to think that shoulder length hair was neither here nor there, but I'm totally digging this modern yet slightly preppy cut that Mark created. I love it the way he styled it  -- a bit piece-y and wavy -- but think it could also look great straight and sleek, accented with a single jewel pin. Mark used Dove products throughout the process: Amplifier Mousse for volume and texture, Cream Serum to smooth and shine, and finished off with a hearty spray of the Invigorating Dry Shampoo to set. The products did a great job holding the style throughout the day while still leaving it soft and natural to the touch. I personally find the scent of Dove products to be very familiar and comforting, and loved occasionally catching whiffs of it as I went about my day.


As for the other half of this blog post title, I also got my first pair of leather pants! Silhouettes like pencil skirts and skinny jeans will always be classics to me so why not invest in "forever" pieces? I actually styled the look with a mini red cross shoulder Edie bag from J.Crew but didn't get a good shot of the complete look. For some reason, there were two huge trash bags hanging off that pretty building behind me and I couldn't crop them out of any other images besides the one I posted. #bloggerfail #notawrap


Sweater: Barneys New York | Vest: Joseph | Pants: Current/Elliott | Shoes: J.Crew